Pay For Click Advertising (PFC)

Your Online Advertising Budget Should be and Investment not a Cost!

We understand that it is far easier to spend money than to make it!  that's why we treat your advertising budget as if it were our own.

Operating in competitive markets, especially if your website is new and yet to be established, or you just need to attract more potential customers - Pay for Click advertising can often be the best place to start

As well as advertising on Google Adwords,  we utilize Bing, Facebook and increasingly "Remarketing*"  in order to increase your reach and to give you the best value. 

We work to achieve the lowest "cost per click" for your campaign but we concentrate our efforts on driving "conversions" (orders and enquiries). We use Google Analytics to track the performance in detail and to progressively "fine tune" your campaign to maximise its effectiveness. 

We produce monthly reports to track how your money is being spent and the contribution it is making to your business.

For further information about our Pay For Click Advertiing Services please contact us on 01844299053 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


* Banner ads appearing on partner websites for websites you have previously visited.