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   Why do I need a Video for my Website?

This coming year is going to see a massive increase in the growth of online video and websites using video to promote their business and engage with their customers.
Using video for your business allows you to tell engaging, involving stories that can sway a consumer's choice and change their perceptions...At its best, video has a very real impact on the way potential consumers view the world. It creates an impression, influences a mood, and displays things in a way that helps your target audience to gain a fresh understanding about a specific topic, and more importantly your product.
People are using the Internet in a different way now. With broadband penetration becoming ubiquitous and more and more sites having this easy capability, people are expecting video to be there.
Not having a web-based video in this new internet marketplace will be looked on in the same way as not having a website a few years back. Thinking is changing - organisations are reassessing their communications remit, and starting to factor in video communications across all their branding & business activities - from initial attraction and perception management through to induction & retention of staff as well as the all important sales message to the customer.
You can use simple and cost effective video to increase your sales and your profits. We can work with you to make a video that can be used on your website and on other channels such as YouTube to keep your business at the forefront of this marketing phenomenon and to enhance your standing in relation to your competitors.

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